Moment of parallel transition, wherein beauty with its pleasant sensitive reaction itself is questioned around any generated idea. When being perceptively friendly or possessing ugliness is not antithesis but identical, has to do with the subconscious responsiveness being affected in one way or another. Solution of ambiguity seems to be based on rationalism and when this is unrealizable gives raise to frustration. This frustration can lead to a state of mediocrity, which one should avoid being pulled into, mediocrity. Mediocrity is due to a lack of effort and sensitivity and also as a result of an obsession with a final target and probably convinced by an utopian perfection, and if this is a fallacy and does not exist? Therefore, we deduce that beauty is in the process, and the process cannot be beauteous, but amiable. Can also be construed as risky, ambiguous and uncertain. Pursuing an unpredictable end is sad, utopian and even unrealistic; even if we now live in a tangible reality it can noticeably convert to beauty and ugliness at the same time in all its states.

This AW16 collection is my Fashion BA Graduadtion Collection

Photography by Ana Larruy
Art Direction. by Felipe de Leonardo
Style by MarĂ­a Morgui