ODA is Sol dela villa collection for AW20/21

Art Direction Isabella Killoran
Photography JP Bonino
Styling Rosa Codina
Make Up and Hair Ana Sánchez-Peña

Eternal Instant invites you to perceive everything clearly in the darkness through sight, draw through smell and taste through touch.

The sponginess emanates warmth, makes us feel accompanied in a pleasant space that encircles and guides us to a not odd profoundness; it is a familiar place yet to discover further.

An intense smell that can turn to be unpleasant when wafting through the nostrils to find its place. It gradually takes over the parts of our body absorbing everything where it glides through and tinging them all with its expansive aroma.

Now, caress a compact surface -smooth and solid- as you do so, warmth is generated between it and your skin. A growing connection that will melt this and change it to a state of unexpected malleability, permeating your skin with its odour and colour while your imprint is left on its body.

Do you feel how the austerity is filling you? A severe and rigorous austerity, but not overly rigid, soft on everything it touches upon.