Mujer Vacío

For this collaboration I designed three costumes based on Berta-Blanca T. Ivanow’s sculptures emphasising the emptiness of a feminine countenance through movement inside de fabric.

The film takes the viewer on a journey to experience a woman’s pilgrimage, where she relinquishes all of the burden of her image to finally get to deeply meet her inner self. It is there where she finds the union with all women.

Productora / Production Company: OMOTESANDO
Dirección / Direction: Berta Blanca T. Ivanow, Max Larruy
Intérpretes / Cast: Rakel Brel, Carlota de Carvajal, Ester Guntín, Helena Hernaez
Guión / Script: Max Larruy, BertaBlanca T. Ivanow, Leticia Sala
Producción / Production: Max Larruy, BertaBlanca t. Ivanow
Fotografía / Cinematography: Thiago Quadrado
Arte / Art: BertaBlanca T. Ivanow
Montaje / Editing: Max Larruy
Sonido / Sound: Nil Ciuró
Música / Music: Nil Ciuró
Costume Design: sol dela villa